Murat Knecht's CV

Welcome to my CV!

This page is about me. But I wrote it for you.

Where you can find me

In the Philippines, via my homepage, on GitHub or on LinkedIn.

What I care and wonder about


  1. Startup CTO in the Philippines, for 2 years and counting

    Nov 2015 - now @engageSPARK in Cebu City: We help you impact anyone anywhere, using automated voice calls and SMS. As long as we grow strong and fast—the company, the team, the persons, the projects, the product—I'm being a good CTO.

    I strive, fail and learn to be…
    • Leader
    • Growth (pain) manager
    • Team coach
    • Tech strategist
    • Community builder
  2. Engineer and coach (s.a.), for 1 year

    Nov 2014 - Nov 2015 @engageSPARK. Senior Software Engineer. See above. If I built the right thing well, I did my job as engineer. If the product, the people around me and I advanced, and in the right direction, I was a good employee.

    I strove to be…
    • Engineer
    • Agile coach
    • Hacker
    • Architect
    • Cheerleader
    • Community builder
    Tech skills:
    • Python, Django, REST framework
    • PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Consul
    • Linux, sysadmin, bash
    • JavaScript, Ractive
    • Golang
    • Java
  3. Traveling in New Zealand, for 6 months

  4. Pythonista and DevOps in ex-startup team, for 1 year and 8 months

    Jul 2012 - Feb 2014 @Acme Packet, later Oracle in Berlin. We helped telcos monitor their VoIP infrastructure, for technical problems and for fraud. I had a mixed role between the infrastructure team and feature projects.

    I strove to be…
    • Engineer
    • SysAdmin
    • Project lead
    • Agile coach
    • Hacker
    • Architect
    • Cheerleader
    Tech skills:
    • Python, Flask
    • Redis, MySQL
    • Linux, sysadmin, bash, systemd
    • Java
    • Emacs
    • Chaos Monkey ftw!
  5. Java engineer and agile team member, for 2 years and 6 months

    Jan 2010 - Jun 2012 @tolina in Berlin. We supported banks in their processes by automating what’s possible and easing their communication pains.

    I strove to be…
    • Java Engineer
    • Agile team member
    • Supporter
    • Tester
    Tech skills:
    • Java, Spring, J2EE, tomcat, mockito
    • XHTML, CSS
    • Eclipse, osgi
    • Testing, TDD
    • Agility, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, retrospectives
  6. Intern at IBM and SAP, for 1 year and 3 months total

  7. Engineer and Co-Founder of Online-Shop

    During my studies, my economics cousin and I built and conducted an online shop for antiquarian military books. LAMP. Good fun, but withered away.
  8. Studying Software Engineering, for 5 years

    2004 - 2009 @Hasso Plattner Institute, at the University of Potsdam.

I built this page for you.

And I assume you're interested but busy. That's why this page is optimized for speed and portability. Because I don't know much about you, I made it accessible, too.

  1. It's loading very fast, inspired by a fast webpage.
  2. It's simple: 1 column. 1 color and font size to highlight. Less confusion, for faster reading.
  3. It's portable and printable. Links are absolute. It works in black and white. On any device. You can take it with you!
  4. It's search-friendly, so you can find it.
  5. It's as short as possible, but no more.
  6. It's peer reviewed. Another pair of eyes, and not short-sighted.
  7. It's readable. Even if you cannot see, your screen reader will do just fine. (unverified yet)
  8. It's degrading gracefully, even if your browser is older than my phone. Fancy features are non-essential and optional.
  9. It's being improved continuously. Every piece of feedback makes it better. (link to contact page coming soon)
  10. Oh, and there's an easter egg! (Still TODO as of 2018-01-20 :) )

Altogether, this page shows and tells what I want you to know about me. It is purpose-built. That is engineering.

Building it was fun, and I learnt. Thank you.

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