Gems of Cebu City

Cebu City is a vibrant treasure trove. New ideas get born all the time, wither and die. Restaurants, specialty cafés, galleries, home manufacturers, bio farmers; the opportunities are there. But, you've got to find them.

Also, sometimes, I do miss Berlin and what's on offer there. At those times, it's good to remember what I have here.

For both those reasons, I've started collecting Cebu's hidden and open gems.

Art & Creativity

Bakeries & Cafés

  • A Café by Abaca in Crossroads, Banilad. Bakery, café and bistro in one. Delicious pastries, good atmosphere, free WIFI. The brewed coffee is cheap (60P), so are the pastries on display; the food on the menu is expensive. [ official homepage | Google Maps ]
  • Camden Cafè behind Chong Hua hospital. [ Camden on Google Maps ]
  • Café Amicus in front of the USC campus in Talamban. Lovely small, nice decor for hiding, best cappuccino I've had in Cebu.
  • Café Talk
  • Circa 1900, house 2
  • Crate Café
  • The Workplace Cafè a café South of Cebu Velez General Hospital and Fuente Osmeña. Full of small work desks with outlets, WiFi and free coffee, it's ideal for working out of the office for a while. Also, it has a napping station and a quiet area. Pay by ourly or Daily rates.
  • Bake & more, formerly Mehl & Zucker, in Streetscape near Maria Luisa, Banilad. Best bread in town. Quiet atmosphere. Food on menu is quite expensive. Atmosphere-wise I usually prefer A Café, which feels warmer.
  • Yolk Cafè in Mabolo, near Castle Peak. Delicious pastries and small food, not too expensive. [ Yolk webpage | Yolk on Google Maps ]

Bars, Beergardens & Resto-bars

  • Mr J's
  • Turtle Nest


  • Circa 1900, house 1
  • Maya
  • Guiseppe
  • Gusto
  • Korean next to IT Park
  • Tops
  • Thymad