Dear future self: Get a standing desk

Standing desk + chair, that works for me. Somehow, I've forgotten.

I've been working at a standing desk before, in Berlin. Mmh, that's not all of it: In Berlin I haven't worked at any single place at all. I've been moving all the time. From dropping into a chair to a standing desk. From the standing desk to sitting on the floor at the window. From the window to bouncing on a gymnastic ball. And eventually moving on to a bar stool in the kitchen.

Moving helps me. One of my more clever neurons remembered this lesson and so finally I decided to “try” it again (as if I needed to). I threw some boxes on my table, adjusted the height and tadah!

My makeshift standing desk in the office.

Yeah, I know, it's ugly as, and if you're looking for automatic height adjustment, hahah, I knew you were funny. However, the table has two virtues going for it, which any self-respecting engineer will appreciate: It was done within five minutes and it works according to specs: its upper monitor line is on eye level and the angle of my arms is a comfortable 90°.

So, after two weeks, I feel like kicking myself. I knew all this, but to accomodate my future self here follows a reminder.

A standing desk helps you, because:

  1. You think best when walking, wandering. The cost to start walking at a standing desk is pretty close to zero. When you're slumped in a chair, that's not so easy. (You know this.)
  2. You'll tire. And that's great, because it forces you to change. First your posture, then your location. There's a chair right behind you. Grab your laptop, drop in the chair. It's okay.
  3. When your body is slouched (on a chair), so is your mind.

Slouch tip: If you can't stand anymore, before you slouch, do the compromise-slouch: kneel on your chair in front of the standing desk. The cup is half full!

So … to my dear future self: Get a standing desk!