Stehaufmännchen: Be a weeble, not a pillar

I've been thinking about self-discipline and failing at it. About dealing with disappointment and managing moodiness that arises out of it. And I realized I can't be a pillar. It's probably not a good idea anyway.

Pillars stand strong and tall. Being a pillar symbolizes strength and reliability. But when they fall, boy, they are down. And the thing about life is: You can trust it to pull the rug from under your feet at some point. You'll slip, stumble and fall. It will happen.

So, don't be a pillar.

Instead, be a Stehaufmännchen! The German word, Steh-auf-männchen, translates to “stand-up-manikin”, also known as tumbler or weeble.

Picture of a Stehaufmännchen

Weebles wobble but they won't fall down. From Wikipedia.

Stehaufmännchen get pushed over all the time. In fact, people like pushing them over. But the falling does not matter, because a Stehaufmännchen is built to rise again.

I want to be like that. There's this weird expectation in my mind, that I should be able to just overcome my deficits, to suddenly (magically?) fail much, much less. Yes, failing less should still be the long-term goal, and it needs serious work to get there. Coaching, meditation, reflection, all sort of methods come to mind.

But in the meantime, I really ought to focus on recovering quickly from my failures. Not brooding over them, not drowning in self-pity and whatnot. Rather: Apologize, rectify what can be fixed, learn what can be learned—and move forward.

In some future, I'll be flawless. In the meantime, I'll be a Stehaufmännchen.