Roles and Responsibilities

This page is a collection of thoughts, the fore-shadow of what it's going to be: A comprehensive statement of how I see my role as Startup CTO at engageSPARK. That's later. Now it's just a djungle. For some good, more complete thoughts read Eric Ries and Karl Hughes.

Overall Responsibility

As Startup CTO, I grow the tech-side of the company.

Tech-side means the people in the dev team, the processes and the technology.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Ensure the right direction for our product's architecture. That does not mean setting it by myself.
  • Manage the growth pains in both on the human and the technical side. Manage, because I can't make the growth go away, but I can help ensure it's a smooth process.
  • Innovate on the tech side.

Specific Roles

  • Leader of the tech team, including the public tech face of the company.
  • Mentor for team leads and senior devs.
  • Service provider to the team