When She did Great and I Failed

You should have stayed in bed. Things went south. The shit hit the fan. And they ask you: what went wrong?

To team leads and my future self: That's the day when you have to remember two simple rules:

  1. (When they ask because they're happy) He did great. Oh, and it was her idea to begin with.
  2. (When they ask because it's a mess) It's my fault and I failed.

In other words, praise goes to where it belongs, to your team, and you shield your team from the rest. Because, ultimately, that is your responsibility: To make sure they do great work.

I believe(!) everyone works better when they're appreciated for their good work, and when they feel safe, because you shelter them from the storm. The storm passes, eventually, and then you figure out what and who needs to improve. (That's also your job.)

And yes, I'm writing this to my future self. Because I fail.