On Non-functional Testing

Here's a quick thought: non-functional testing of a system is developing for QA.


Yep. Oh, sure, not in every way—but it offers the same traps as developing for coders. Being aware of this helps testers avoid this trap, and be a bit more empathic towards the dev guys …

Building a Team, Remotely

With engineers in Caracas, Barcelona and Cebu, our tech team becomes more and more distributed and remote. That's exciting, because it opens the door to a wider range of perspectives and ideas. There are also challenges with a remote team, and some of those challenges are well-documented: You can't turn …

Dreaming of Quality (Engineers)

I love mentoring and teaching for many reasons, but also because it forces me to clarify my thoughts. Planning today's 1:1 with one of our QA/QC engineers helped me realize what I really want from a QA/QC engineer.

Let's start with something familiar: software engineering.

Software engineering …

When She did Great and I Failed

You should have stayed in bed. Things went south. The shit hit the fan. And they ask you: what went wrong?

To team leads and my future self: That's the day when you have to remember two simple rules:

  1. (When they ask because they're happy) He did great. Oh, and …

I Thought You Give Us the Goals

“I thought you give us the goals.” That was the reaction when I asked our QA engineers: Where do you think QA should be at the end of the year?

What made me pause for a second is what I'm reading all over the leadership literature: I'm responsible for setting …