Why We Meet—Meetings Need Parens

tl;dr Useful meetings have a purpose. I believe you can give meetings a structure to help ensure they stay true to that purpose, and constantly improve.

Would you like a scare for starters? How about this one:


Did you get goose bumps? Did your hair stand on end …

Jump into Docker Container Shell

This line is a nuisance:

docker exec -ti containername bash

I'm running it for every of our dozen containers many times a day. I like that it TAB-completes the container name. Other than that it's a nuisance, for these reasons:

It's slow: The variable thing about it, the container name …

The Power of 15 Minutes

I enjoy learning. Ah, the child's joy at discovering a new Django app, a new shell crazyness! (echo "ls -l" | at midnight, really??) And still: Finding the time to do that is a struggle. For me, that's one of the major challenges of being a software developer: Penetrating the deep …