Dear future self: Get a standing desk

Standing desk + chair, that works for me. Somehow, I've forgotten.

I've been working at a standing desk before, in Berlin. Mmh, that's not all of it: In Berlin I haven't worked at any single place at all. I've been moving all the time. From dropping into a chair to a …

Org-mode Everywhere with Orgzly and Syncthing!

tl;dr: Read your org-files on your Android device with Orgzly and keep them in sync with your laptop and other devices with Syncthing.

Org-mode is amazing. You know this, or should.

I've a hundred org files that remember things for me, about articles I read or ideas I had …

When She did Great and I Failed

You should have stayed in bed. Things went south. The shit hit the fan. And they ask you: what went wrong?

To team leads and my future self: That's the day when you have to remember two simple rules:

  1. (When they ask because they're happy) He did great. Oh, and …

Stehaufmännchen: Be a weeble, not a pillar

I've been thinking about self-discipline and failing at it. About dealing with disappointment and managing moodiness that arises out of it. And I realized I can't be a pillar. It's probably not a good idea anyway.

Pillars stand strong and tall. Being a pillar …

Joining Toastmasters in Cebu

Now it's done: I joined my first Toastmasters club, Cebu Toastmasters!

Joining Toastmasters is another step I'm taking in my journey to hopefully one day become a great CTO and leader. Fixing one's flaws is a must, and public speaking is one of mine, no doubt.

So, this Thursday I …

Opening engageSPARKs Learning Sessions

This January the engageSPARK dev team started Open Learning sessions. If you're interested in tech and are in Cebu: please come and join us! So far we've explored topics from a wide range: Ansible, why sleep is important, tech excellency, SCARF (an approach to build awesome teams), DevOps.

Open Learning …

Eat Your Frogs Early and Often

On a plate full of French delicacies—oysters, crepes, cheese, truffles—it's the frog that stares at you. And it's not letting you go, either. It just sits there on the plate. Staring. Maybe eat some cheese first? Drink some wine? The frog, yes, of course, gotta try! But later …

Why We Meet—Meetings Need Parens

tl;dr Useful meetings have a purpose. I believe you can give meetings a structure to help ensure they stay true to that purpose, and constantly improve.

Would you like a scare for starters? How about this one:


Did you get goose bumps? Did your hair stand on end …