Pushabutton: A webapp to run scripts.

You have this tiny script. Sometimes, the customer support folks call, and then you run it. Takes one minute. Still, if only they could run it themselves …

Well, they now can! Have a look at Pushabutton!

There are those short-lived, fast-written scripts that automate something, mitigate a bug, save someone's …

On Comments

My default approach to comments is: don't. I'm not talking about documentation, such as API docs, but about comments in the source code of the implementation.

First, let my explain why I generally consider comments harmful — and then let's talk about the two exceptions, when I actually defend and demand …

Thoughts on the Role of the Deployer

Deployers bring new stuff into production. If things go south, they are the ones fixing it, past midnight and all sanity.

From that immediately follows:

The deployer calls the shots.

With the PO all bouncy to get new stuff live, it's still the deployer having the final say.


Cuz …

Switched: Detect state changes in pipe

I am sitting in a café and the internet is flaky. The wifi is stable, though, so my dumb Xubuntu thinks that all is well, while a sturdy ping in a terminal window tells me otherwise.

This sucks.

A few minutes (cough) later, I am getting Desktop notifications when the …

A Jupyter Notebook for Python's Behave

This is about a quick hack I did during PyCon Philippines 2016 and which I presented as a Lightning Talk.

Writing tests is daily bread for a software engineer these days. (We're going to be a real engineering discipline one day!) For example, in Python there's the basic unittest module …

Jump into Docker Container Shell

This line is a nuisance:

docker exec -ti containername bash

I'm running it for every of our dozen containers many times a day. I like that it TAB-completes the container name. Other than that it's a nuisance, for these reasons:

It's slow: The variable thing about it, the container name …

Uploading files with PhantomJS, GhostDriver and Python

For a while, our Selenium tests could not upload files to PhantomJS. That's a problem, if you want to test a platform for making phone calls easy — you do need to upload mp3 files. The tests would be stuck, or simply fail to upload the file without complaint. Now, after …

GitHub Pages requests MarkDown files

For my Learning Django project, I decided to go with GitHub Pages and Ractive. Each article I loaded via a HTTP request (yes, unnecessary, but good for learning) and rendered as a component.

Locally, that worked fine. :p

On GitHub Pages, though, I got a 404 for all requests trying …