Good intentions, ego and other hazards for operational and strategic impact

Impact is at the core of engageSPARK. Sometimes we're very outspoken about it, at other times the topic more in the background of a busy day, but it's always there. After all, having an impact is the point.

Recently, I've had fruitful discussions with colleagues and friends. I thought it's …

Joining Toastmasters in Cebu

Now it's done: I joined my first Toastmasters club, Cebu Toastmasters!

Joining Toastmasters is another step I'm taking in my journey to hopefully one day become a great CTO and leader. Fixing one's flaws is a must, and public speaking is one of mine, no doubt.

So, this Thursday I …

Services I Provide to the Team

This week, I thought about my roles and responsibilities as CTO and particularly what I'm not there for. On the way, I realized I am a service provider for the team. What services do I provide? I came up with the following: Guide, Safety Net, Foot on the Gas Pedal …

I Thought You Give Us the Goals

“I thought you give us the goals.” That was the reaction when I asked our QA engineers: Where do you think QA should be at the end of the year?

What made me pause for a second is what I'm reading all over the leadership literature: I'm responsible for setting …

Thoughts on the Role of the Deployer

Deployers bring new stuff into production. If things go south, they are the ones fixing it, past midnight and all sanity.

From that immediately follows:

The deployer calls the shots.

With the PO all bouncy to get new stuff live, it's still the deployer having the final say.


Cuz …