Thoughts on the Role of the Deployer

Deployers bring new stuff into production. If things go south, they are the ones fixing it, past midnight and all sanity.

From that immediately follows:

The deployer calls the shots.

With the PO all bouncy to get new stuff live, it's still the deployer having the final say.


Cuz it's the deployer's ass on the line.

If your designated deployer …

  • wants to go home soon,
  • doesn't feel so great,
  • is currently doing a system upgrade or
  • is any minute now expecting the midwife to call

then the answer really should be:


Who can be a deployer?

From the above, it's clear that not everyone can play the role. Staying until midnight is not required part of the job description: being able to troubleshoot whatever and bring the system back up — that is the job. So, whoever can do that, can deploy.

If they want to.